Headache & Migraine Treatment FAQ

Headache & Migraine FAQs with our Livonia Chiropractor

Dr. Grant A. Schneider, our Livonia chiropractor, provides lasting, natural pain relief for your headaches and migraines. Our chiropractic services are non-invasive and drug-free, so you are able to manage your headache and migraine episodes without unwanted side effects. If you live in or near Livonia, Westland, Garden City and the surrounding areas, we invite you to Arbor Crossing Chiropractic Life Center, PLLC to discover our holistic approach to headache & migraine pain relief.

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What are the differences between a headache & migraine pain?

Headaches are typically associated with pain in your head. This pain may be near your temples, at the base of your skull, on top of your head or near your sinuses. A migraine, comparatively, may have headache pain but the level of pain is increased to the point where it is difficult to concentrate on anything other than finding pain relief. In addition, migraines may have other symptoms which include sensitivity to sound and light, fatigue, irritability and nausea or dizziness. 

Are there different types of headaches?

Headaches may be the result of stress in which you feel a dull achiness in your head or neck. This could be due to poor posture or excessive work in which you remain in one position for an extended time period. Other headaches, known as cluster headaches, may be felt only one side of your head or behind your eyes and may also pair with watery eyes or a runny nose. Similar to a sinus headache in which you feel in your forehead or face, but cluster headaches last for a few minutes to up to an hour and may repeat for weeks or months at a time.

What causes my headache & migraine pain?

Some headaches are due to stress, poor posture, a spinal misalignment or sinus infection. Other headaches including migraines often do not have an identifiable cause. Dr. Schneider evaluates your spine to determine where a gentle chiropractic adjustment can be made to eliminate nerve pressure and restore circulation flow to your head, which has a direct impact on the intensity and frequency of your migraine and headache episodes. 

How does chiropractic care reduce my pain?

Our chiropractor uses gentle spinal manipulations to position your neck and back into a pain-free alignment. We also teach you corrective exercises to restore strong and flexible neck muscles to support your head throughout your daily activities. Then, our team shows you small lifestyle changes such as work and sleep positions to eliminate stress and ease your discomfort.

How do I get started?

Your care begins with a complete evaluation with our chiropractor. Then, your appointments easily fit into your schedule for fast and lasting headache and migraine pain relief. Start today by calling us at (734) 462-2262.

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